UPDATE (2020-12-19): Jack from comments sent me new version that works, with slightly changed configuration for WAMP. Also notice that provider is now weatherbit.io. You need new api key. If you find any issues or have updates feel free to open issue in github’s issue tracker! Please no direct email contact. Code is up in Github repo.

UPDATE (2020-12-19): Servers are definitely offline. If someone has working copy of my project, please send it, so I can update repository on GITHUB.

UPDATE (2018-01-01): I have found out that the same set of scripts should be working also for “5-day forecast” application.

It seems that the *.netinfostation.com servers are offline. And so is the “4-day forecast” application. This probably leaves very many devices non working in the world. (sad)

I don’t like to have/see device that doesn’t work just because some guy decided to turn off their computer. So i have decided to write my own weather server. Details about how i have figured the format are <here>. (Updated: i have released most of the work, since manufacturers don’t care anymore)

Original server that was used server1.netinfostation.com. First thing to do, is to redirect all traffic to this server to the local computer. On windows/linux this is quite easy. Just add entry into /etc/hosts file. On windows this file is located here:


Edit as administrator and add line at the end: server1.netinfostation.com

Second you will need some server. I used WAMP (www.wampserver.com) which comes with apache and php (and mysql) in single package. Easy to install and setup.

Third thing you need is to download the set of scripts from my github repo and place them into c:\wamp\www directory.


After triggering refresh in the application, the scripts should retrieve the data from Weatherbit.io and serve them to the 4-day forecast application – and to your weather station.

If you intend to use this I suggest you register at weatherbit.io and add your own api key into the getweather.php script.

If you find this useful leave a comment or something :-)