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Now that we can compile stuff for ARM, we need a way to see what our code is doing.
Most (all?) of ARM processors have JTAG. JTAG is used to access the debug port on the CPU, allowing to change state, registers, memory, peripheral registers, etc. OpenOCD knows how to talk to CPU through JTAG.
We are going to show you how to setup OpenOCD with GDB and make them behave together.
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Few months ago I came across STM32 microprocessors. These processors are use ARM Cortex-M3 core, with clock up to 70Mhz, Internal flash, and RAM, Peripherals include DMA, SPI, CAN, RTC and lot of other.

Of course you need some compiler to develop application for this processor. Standard way of compilation for gcc will lead to very much usable toolchain, until you want to do something with floating point.

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